Create or it Will Not Be Created 

As I make more and more posts for this blog I begin to wonder “why is it so easy for me to find articles for my topic?”.
Why is this an issue? Why do people have to demand or petition for a television show or a movie or magazine to feature actresses and actors and models that are not part of the societal norm.
Growing up, as I mentioned before in a previous post, I didn’t pay attention to who was on my television screen, but as I grew older I began to wonder where everyone was at.
Why is it, seemingly, so hard to cast people of color or people with disabilities etc.? It’s not like these actors and actresses aren’t our their. They want these jobs and they are auditioning for these roles they are they just aren’t given the chance.
When these people call out companies for their lack of diversity, in that moment, these companies deflect. For example there are many makeup artists and make up companies who say that they don’t carry darker shades because people of color don’t wear make up. However, if you search woman of color and makeup on YouTube there are so many women of color who are doing their make up.
Now, there so many women of color who are we beginning to start their own make up brands because they are tired of the lack of products.
This is what I was talking about before when I said, if you don’t see it being done, do it.
Create or it will not be created.
This is the time where writers, artists and musicians should be rising and attempting to create their own and content and to create their own companies.
We live in the age of digital technology, so we have this technology at our fingertips. So keeping that in mind I say to all of you creators, artists, musicians, writers, and business people out there, do it.
Especially when you are aware of the issue that there is lack of diversity in the media, people will begin to flock to you.
It’s not just me, so many other people are talking about this topic as well. I encourage everyone reading this to do what they love and to love what they do and if this post inspired you please let me know in the comments, thank you.

[300 Word Article]


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