A List of My Favorite Television Shows That Have A Diverse Cast

If you are like me, then you watch a lot of TV and you are constantly looking for something new to watch. Well look no further for I have complied a list of television shows that feauture a diverse cast. The shows in this list are some of my favorite television shows and some are shows that my friends and family have recomended that I put in this list. Enjoy and happy watching!

  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix), Comedy
  2. The Get Down (Netflix), Drama
  3. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (theCW), Comic-book Action
  4. DC’s Flash (theCW), Comic-book Action
  5. Riverdale (theCW), Drama
  6. The Originals (theCW), Drama
  7. Teen Wolf (MTV), Drama/Comedy
  8. Criminal Minds (CBS), Drama
  9. The Magicians (SyFy), Fantasy Drama
  10. Gotham (ABC), Fantasy Drama
  11. How to Get Away With Murder (ABC), Drama
  12. Sleepy Hollow (FOX), Fantasy Drama
  13. Emerald City (NBC), Fantasy Drama
  14. Empire (FOX), Drama
  15. Scandal (ABC), Drama
  16. Jane the Virgin (theCW), Comedy/Drama
  17. Scream the TV Show (MTV), Thriller
  18. 24: Legacy (FOX), Drama/Action
  19. Superstore (NBC), Comedy
  20. Stichers (Freeform), Drama


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